ClientSanta Margherita S.p.a.ServicesDeep Diagnostic, Brand Identity and Management, Visual Identity, ADV Campaign, Digital Communication Strategy, Exhibit Design, Event ManagementYear2005 - presente


Santa Margherita can honorably claim to be one of DDM Branding’s first U.S. clients, and more importantly one of the longest-running and most enduring. The synergy was created with the purpose of repositioning Santa Margherita in the marketplace as it is often wrongly associated with the wine industry.

An event had to be created that would help place Santa Margherita in the right collective imagination, and so we coordinated it at the Soho House Meatpacking in New York City where the brand’s marble kitchen countertops served as a base for the star chefs who were in attendance.

Thus began a period of flourishing growth and spread of the brand in the United States, from the Big Apple we moved on to Miami, Los Angeles and Dallas where DDM motivated  the brand to compete, and winning awards, for best booth and best design within industry trade shows.

Other activities complemented exhibit design such as creating advertising campaigns, managing press offices, devising digital campaigns for the web portal, and training for team members in the various stores.