DaniloDi Michele

Danilo Di Michele

President and CEO DDM

  • Founding member of FERPI and contributor to the Oscar del Balance project
  • Member of the selection committee of Abitare il Tempo-Verona
  • Member of Unicom
  • Member of the Milan Industrial Association

Born in Italy in 1965, has worked with many successful companies such as Calvin Klein, Fendi Casa, Baxter, Frau and many others. 

Since 1997, has now lived in Miami where he oversees his company’s headquarter. A visionary, CEO Level Executive, who leads companies through the challenges of change. 

He is the founder and president of DDM Branding since 1993, a period in which the international experience has been enriched with offices in diverse regions of the globe.
Projected to the future, he follows the new generations and the latest trends of the digital age, adopting and developing communication strategies.
The agency is named after its founder specifically because DDM is not just any service provider but more of a lifestyle and a way of thinking: decisive, meticulous and out of the box.
Passion for the world of art, design and architecture are what characterize the leadership within DDM, elevating the contact with the client who finds in response an eclectic approach.

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Giorgio Canale

Giorgio Canale

Executive Creative Director DDM

Born in Verona in 1975, graduated in Architecture at IUAV in Venice, and since 2004 has been a member of the Order of Architects of Verona.

As a university student Canale laid the foundations for a solid career, following exhibit design projects for Italian and international customers.

His versatility and extensive international research activities have involved him in projects in Europe and the United States in the luxury and design sectors.
He has a solid rationalist taste combined with a visionary spirit: the linear and clean nature of his work combine different experiences including industrial construction, interior design, and product design.
Arch. Canale oversees and manages the Italian offices because of his solid knowledge of the area and the longevity of relationships created over time.

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Jerry Chery

Jerry Chery

Vice President USA DDM

Jerry Cherry, born in Haiti in 1987, is the US DDM Vice President.

Raised in New York City, Jerry’s international business studies has accessed him to gain in-depth industry knowledge as well as cultural experiences where he was opportune to study in institutes located in New England, Miami, and in South Korea for his Undergraduate and Master Programs.

With a background in Photography, Fashion, and a flourishing Entrepreneurship, the world of business and distinguished creativity are a combination that fuels an on-going motive in his career.

Running the offices of DDM USA certainly takes a lot of energy, openness to progress and digital skills, all of which the US Vice President certainly does not lack.

The many projects he has pursued over the years have given him a deep understanding of the needs of the U.S. market, to which he is able to respond with cutting-edge strategies that keep pace with technological evolution.

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