ClientFederlegno Arredo Eventi SpAServicesVisual Identity, Event ManagementYear2015


DDM is called in to think of a project that will enhance and highlight the concept of Salone del Mobile in America. For the first time in history, Salone del Mobile relied on Mr. Di Michele’s confidence and knowledge of the U.S. territory as he invents the largest Grand Gala that the industry has ever seen.

Also for the first time, the PAMM museum entrusts the entire museum space into the hands of Mr. Di Michele to make it the largest container of Italian Made in Italy Design. This world event with a budget of 5 million euros stimulates all the exhibition sectors to review their communication channels.

The goal of this international event was to reconcile distant realities: Milan and Miami. The challenge was twofold: we had to promote the Italian furniture industry in a foreign territory and also had to make Miami understand that the heart of the design industry is in centered in Milan.

DDM organized a dinner with 1,000 seated guests conceptualizing the dinner theme, coordinating entertainment, catering, exhibitions and installations enveloping the dinner.