ClientPolyPiù s.r.L.ServicesDeep Diagnostic, Brand Foundation, Brand Identity and Management, Visual Identity, Exhibit Design, Event ManagementYear2023-present


PolyPiù is a company, synonymous with experience in civil and industrial construction, who produces resistant polycarbonate materials.

We began collaborating with PolyPiù on the occasion of the realization of the Business Club for the Riva del Garda Fair. DDM was commissioned to design a space inside the fair that could accommodate the prestigious visitors to the many events the fair hosts, on a monthly to yearly basis. The PolyPiù panels used for the Business Club are intended to be 100 percent recycled once their use is over, allowing for a new lifecycle for future projects.

An additional project inaugurated with this company was the creation of their booth for the BAU fair in Munich: the bright and eye-catching tone polycarbonate sheets made the booth an appealing point of curiosity at the fair precisely because of its unusual colors used and the sinuous shapes of the polycarbonate.
DDM’s key task is to target the company to a B2C rather than B2B oriented public, so its new audience is shifted to the Design, Architecture and Art sectors.