ClientMunicipality of Peschiera del GardaServicesDeep Diagnostic, Brand Foundation, Brand Identity and Management, Visual Identity, ADV Campaign, Digital Communication Strategy, Exhibit Design, Event ManagementYear2021


PAF was born, like other initiatives, from the mind of Mr. Di Michele, capable of erecting strong projects from nothing. PAF is a cultural project that aims to revive the city of Peschiera del Garda and give it back its rightful tourist value. The festival creates a city/art binomial becoming the perfect combination to do justice to the area.

This project was taken care of by DDM in all its components: from the name to the logo, from the tone of voice to the purpose of the brand, from the graphics to the organization of the event. 

In fact, the latter was declined in PAF BLIND DATE, in collaboration with the mayor of Peschiera, Orietta Gaiulli, art is presented in a free and engaging way as if it were an open-air museum, with fresh, dynamic and innovative languages.