ClientLuca MorittuServicesDeep Diagnostic, Brand Foundation, Brand Identity and Management, Visual Identity, ADV Campaign, Digital Communication Strategy, Exhibit Design, Event ManagementYear2016-2020

Morittu and Marchesini Tailoring

In 1962, the Marchesini brothers opened a tailoring boutique, putting into practice the craftsmanship techniques and artistic process handed down from generation to generation until they handed over all their experience in the hands of Luca Morittu.

The moment Morittu seized the reins of tailoring Marchesini relied on DDM Branding for a total rebranding of the brand. DDM came up with the renovated logo, still in use today, for the Morittu brand. Successfully scouted the first location for the new business venture and coordinated the design and layout of the store.

DDM is also responsible for establishing the communication guidelines to be applied online – with effective website and social media strategies – and offline with the creation of catalogs, packaging and various graphic applications.