ClientMB SpAServicesDeep Diagnostic, Brand Identity and Management, Visual Identity, ADV Campaign, Exhibit Design, Event ManagementYear2008 – present


For more than 15 years, DDM has supported MB in the transformation process in becoming the multinational company it is today. From a small B2C-oriented company, MB has become a structured entity with distribution channels to B2B.

From modifying the initial logo to the current one – black and yellow – to creating stands for international trade fairs, DDM has helped develop the company as we know it today. Year after year, we created adv campaigns, visuals, catalogs, and all the materials needed to establish ourselves in the construction equipment industry.

DDM has not only coordinated MB’s image in all its declinations, but has also made the company adopt a new way of exhibiting at the various trade fairs: during the events DDM is in charge of setting up real live shows with innovative performances that change every year on the company’s world stages. Indeed, there have been many artists who have accompanied MB in the presentation of their machinery at the multiple roadshows.