ClientVeronafiereServicesVisual Identity, ADV Campaign, Exhibit Design, Event ManagementYear2007 - present


Marmomac is the world’s leading event for the stone industry and represents its entire supply chain, from raw products to semi-finished and finished products, from processing machinery and technologies to the possible applications of stone in architecture and design.

DDM has been engaged since 2007 to design all Marmomac’s advertising campaigns both online and offline: from catalogs to brochures, from maps to billboards, and from merchandising to Marmomac’s image coordination.

In 2015 DDM won the contract for Marmomac’s new communication, among many agencies around the world, DDM stands out for the uniqueness of the new proposed visuals and won the contract. The relationship was further sanctioned by allowing DDM to manage other aspects of the event as well: DDM brought to Marmomac the use of gala dinners, which were vastly utilized internationally as a means of opening the fair.

Additional added values, also signed by DDM, were Pavilion 1 and the Marmomac Awards: Pavilion 1 was created as a cultural zone and experimental place for projects that see the use of natural stone in its maximum realization; the Marmomac Awards, on the other hand, were created to provide prominence to the commitment and dedication that the demonstrators insert into the realization of their stands and the communication efforts implemented each year.