ClientFederazione Italiana Giuoco CalcioServicesADV Campaign, Digital Communication StrategyYear2020


In 2020, the FIGC (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio) launched a competition to retrain the Italian national team for the World Cup on a communicative level. Thus it is that DDM develops a branding strategy for the national team aimed at emphasizing the team’s values such as strength, unity, and of course, Italian-ness.

DDM then creates a digital communication strategies for social media where individual and collective power is depicted in an explosion of the color BLUE. The inherent press office campaign is taken care of, stitched according to the journalists in the field.

The most substantial part of the project is undoubtedly efforts of the coordination of creativity that manifests itself in the commercial: the color of the Italian national team is found in several places, a file rouge that accompanies the various episodes of the video through the passion for sport and the affective connection.