ClientGianni BulgariServicesDeep Diagnostic, Brand Identity and Management, Event ManagementYear2003 – 2006


From Gianni Bulgari’s desire to create a new brand that deviates from the Bulgari brand, GB-Enigma, a new luxury watch brand, was born. The brand name takes inspiration from the decoding machinery of World War II: as the device cracked messages in the same way Enigma wants to decode new market trends.

The passion for the world of Art and in general for Culture unites Gianni Bulgari and Danilo Di Michele, thus giving rise to a collaboration with DDM, which takes care of everything related to the public relations portion of: press office, relations with journalists, management of interviews and the brand itself.

DDM also aided in store openings in Rome and Geneva, taking care of the entire strategic communication plan, event organization and management of institutional relations.