ClientCereserServicesVisual Identity, ADV Campaign, Exhibit Design, Event ManagementYear2005 – present


Cereser is a natural stone processing company, has been in the industry for over 50 years and still, thanks to its 20-year collaboration with DDM, stands out in the industry for quality and continuous investment in the study of innovative processes.

DDM is Cereser’s communications agency in all aspects, both online and offline. From image coordination to communication strategies to tell the story of the company to the tone of voice adopted in the various channels, DDM has accompanied Cereser in helping it adapt its communication to the needs of the market and the variations required by changing times.

DDM’s graphic and design skills are translated and applied in the design world: offices, showrooms and exhibition booths have been taken care of by us both in their architectural conception and in their structural and set-up realization.

The holistic management of communication ensures that the company is consistent and effective in every part.